Mooncoin Soccer Academy Registration 2020

Please fill in the form to register your child with the upcoming 2020-21 Mooncoin Soccer Academy.

The details you provide on this form will be used and stored by this club. Your data will be stored in compliance with the Data Protection Acts and will not be shared with any other body or organisation without your consent unless such sharing of information is necessary for participation in football competitions and activities. You will be provided with the opportunity to opt out of any future communications at any time. If you receive a communication and wish to opt out please visit the club chairman or make contact via the Academys’ Facebook Page

Once you have completed this registration form, click the “Submit Player Details” button above.

Then you can use this secure site for paying the registration fee online (includes credit card transaction fee).

Mooncoin Soccer Academy Registration 2021-22

Registration fee for the Mooncoin Soccer Academy.

The fee is

€10 for one child in the academy,
€16 for two children in the academy,
€20 for three children in the academy.

In the price displayed there's an extra cost of €0.39 over the €10.

Both Shipping and Tax are mentioned, these are the costs associated with processing your Credit/Debit card through the card payment processing partner Stripe.

The discount for registering 2 children is €4.00 and is applied as €2.00 per child.

The discount for registering three children is €9.99 and is applied as €3.33 per child being registered.

All card details are processed by Stripe.

<span class="asp_price_tax_section">€0.14 (tax)</span><span class="asp_price_shipping_section"> + €0.25 (shipping)</span><div class="asp_price_full_total">Total: <span class="asp_tot_current_price">€10.39</span> <span class="asp_tot_new_price"></span></div>