Kick off of our last Man Standing

Our Last Man Standing competition is kicking off on Saturday 3rd of February and is being run in conjunction with Klubfunder. Please take a minute to watch the simple step by step vid⁷eo to register. All you need is an email address and be sure to pick Mooncoin Celtic on the drop down menu when entering.

LMS Update

19 headed in to Week 5 hoping for an easy passage but already we have lost a few. The following were the Selections for this weekend :

Man City 5, Man Utd 3, Tottenham 6, Everton 1, Bournemouth 1, Liverpool 1, Crystal Palace 2.

We have lost 7 so far this weekend and 8 through to Week 6 so far.

Last Man Standing Update

52 left standing heading in to today’s fixtures, 30 have dropped already today thanks to Chelsea, Brighton, Fulham and Brentford not winning.

14 have made it through to Week 4 thanks to City, Arsenal and Bournemouth victories.

We have 6 on West Ham tomorrow and 2 on Spurs on Monday night.
Best of luck to all remaining entries.

Last Man Standing