Fun for all

At our new grounds yesterday, we had a little mix and match of our youngest girls group teaming up with our Senior Ladies group for a short ball work session and plenty fun was had by all involved with our young u10s showing off their skills and impressing our older girls.

These young 8 and 9 year olds girls are the future stars of our female section and will be a driving force in years to come.

300 Club Winners for August 2022

The 300 Club draw was held today and the winners include:

1st Prize €700 Deirdre Travers

2nd Prize €200 Adam Cunningham /Luke O’Keeffe

3rd Prize €100 Sheila Goulding

Seller’s Prize €50 Kevin Dobbyn

Well done to all our winners and thank you for the continued support.

LMS Update Week 1

188 entries went to post in our Last Man Standing competition which started yesterday. We had a number of late entries just before the deadline to bring it to 188.

Here is the breakdown of selections that got through:

Liverpool 52, Arsenal 46, Man City 33, Chelsea 20, Spurs 10, Manchester United 5, Brighton 2,West Ham 2.

None of the big guns slipped up but we had the following fallers on
Aston Villa 1, Leeds 3, Newcastle 7, Brentford 7.

170 entries progress to Round 2 which kicks off on Tuesday evening. Best of luck to the remaining entries.

3rd Division Result: Mooncoin Celtic 1 – 4 Waterford Crystal

A flat performance by all the squad this morning saw an experienced Waterford Crystal side cruise to 3 points in Suir Crescent.

Although we did take the lead through the inform Jamie Moore, Crystal punished us and converted 2 penalties and nicked a 3rd on half time and try as we might, we just couldn’t get going.

Crystal scored a late 4th and deservedly scoop 3 points. A long way to go in this league which will be very competitive.

LMS and we are off

184 entries go to post in our Last Man Standing competition starting today, thank you so much for your support, it is very much appreciated.

Here is the breakdown of selections
Liverpool 51, Arsenal 46, Man City 32, Chelsea 19, Spurs 10, Newcastle 7, Manchester United 5, Leeds 3, Brighton 2,West Ham 1 and Aston Villa 1.

A wide spread of 12 different clubs, will we see any of the big clubs slip up????

Last Man Standing Update

As of 9.30, we have over 170 entries ready to scoop €1000.

The following teams have been chosen by people:

Man City
Man Utd
West Ham
Aston Villa

We will finalise how many lumped on all teams tomorrow morning. Please share this post and help get us to 200 entries.