Academy Update

Dear Parents,

Following the restart of our academy and the massive numbers that have registered, the club have decided to split the Friday academy sessions into two separate hours. The younger group which is kids born in 2011,2012,2013 will do 6-7pm every Friday and the older group of kids born in 2008,2009,2010 will do 7-8pm. The reason behind this is mainly due to health and safety reasons, but also to maximize the attention afforded to each child in developing them.

Due to the large numbers we are also overstretched on the coaching headcount. Ideally we want 1 coach for every 8 kids, so we are asking all parents ( MALE AND FEMALE) if they can spare an hour every Friday to help out. We will provide the training required to anyone who feels they may not be of any help. We are running coaching courses in October and November in conjunction with the FAI to educate people aswell. So,please get in touch with Kevin Dobbyn 087 6167700 or Miguel Ponce De Leon on 086 8590881 to discuss how you can help. If we can not get extra bodies to help out it may come down to cutting back on the age groups. The last thing we want to be doing is turning kids away from having fun and learning the skills of soccer.

Finally, due to health and safety reasons again, we are asking that any parent or other kids not helping out to please remain outside the boundary fence during the sessions. We are delighted that parents hang around to watch their kids but with the large numbers it is very unsafe to do so inside the playing area.

Any parent who wishes to discuss anything regarding the academy, please get in touch. Your opinion will be heard and appreciated.

Kind regards,

Kevin Dobbyn