LMS Update

Our three remaining contestants have decided to split the prize money of €500 between them. Congratulations to Joey O’Hanlon, Conor Ryan and Emmet Russell on lasting the pace. Massive thanks to all that entered and a new competition will start in a couple of weeks time.

Last Man Standing Update on fallers

27 fallers yesterday thanks to Arsenal and Everton being their usual selves and leaving everyone down. This leaves us with 7 entries after week 5. Surely a winner is in sight in this unpredictable world of premier league football these days.

300 Club monthly draw

Our 300 Club monthly members draw is on tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. in The Royal Oak, Mooncoin.

LMS Update: 33 head towards week 5

LMS Update:
48 were left standing heading into week 4 and with Norwich and Spurs slipping up we lost 15. 33 head into week 5 after the international break.

LMS Update at round 4

Norwich cost three of our entries their place in round 5 last night.
Today should see more fallers with a wide variety picked. Majority have picked the ever consistent Man Utd and Spurs so expect fallers.

LMS Update nearly a big fall

At 4.40 today, with results in the premier league all over the shop, we had only 8 remaining but thanks to Man City’s winner and Liverpool’s late late show we only lost 16 entrants thanks to West Ham, Arsenal and Man Utd slipping up. A couple on Leicester tomorrow but 48 live to fight another day after today’s results.

LMS Update Entries

Nearly all entries for the weekend are in, with a wide selection of choices from Brighton to Sheffield United to a big number on Liverpool.
Those still to send in their picks, have until 12 noon tomorrow.

LMS Update 7 more fallers

Arsenal put paid to 7 more yesterday so we are left with 66 heading into week 3 of the competition.

LMS Update: 31 fallers

31 fallers on day one with Wolves,Spurs, Bournemouth guilty for a lot the fallers. There is a few on Liverpool tomorrow, understandbly so with United looking like relegation material and a good number are on Arsenal on Monday night against Sheffield United.

LMS Update: 123 Entries

123 entries go to post for our latest Last Man Standing competition. A big thank you to all for entering. A fine scatter of picks in so far with Chelsea and Leicester being the pick of many so will we see a repeat of big numbers falling early on. Predictions must be in by 12 noon so any stragglers out there still to text in, hurry up.