300 Club winners for March and April

Winners of the March draw:
1st Prize – Brian Kirwan
2nd Prize – Dick Walsh
3rd Prize – Seamus Walsh

Winners of the April draw:
1st Prize – Michael Fielding
2nd Prize – Margaret Healy
3rd Prize – Seamus Delahunty

Our May draw will be held in 2 weeks time, at the end of the month.

Well done to all our winners!!
Thank you for your support and patience.
Stay safe.

Update on our 300 Club draws

Update for our 300 Club members: Unfortunately due to tight restrictions still in place due to COVID-19, we are unable to carry out our monthly draw. We will wait until the 18th May to see will it possible to hold a live draw and if we can, we will have 3 draws together; one for March, April and May. We are continuing to buy lotto tickets each week and March winnings were €228 and April winnings were €266 which is a total of €1664 at present for the 2019/2020 year. We appreciate your patience with us in this difficult time and are grateful for your continued support. Thank you!

300 Club Update

UPDATE – 300 Club Members
We apologies to our members but due to the current restrictions in place, our April monthly draw will be postponed. We are working on a way of carrying out the draw while maintaining social distancing, please keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates on when this happen. A triple draw will be held to cover our March, April and May draws. We are continuing to purchase the weekly lotto tickets so thank you to all our members for your continued support. #staysafe