Confined Members 300 Club

Mooncoin Celtic moved into its new premises in Suir Crescent after the end of a year of lockdowns in July 2021. Work commenced on 4.6 acres in 2018 with magnificent progress to date.

Over €450,000 has been spent thus far on drainage works, security fencing, ball stop netting, the revamp of the dressing rooms and storage facilities.

Work is in progress on the installation of floodlights and improved access to the grounds for both pedestrians and cars. The Confined Members 300 Club has made this possible.

We have ambitious plans for the further development of our grounds for all of the boys, girls, men and women who wear the Mooncoin Celtic colours with pride.

You too can support the provision of excellent footballing facilities for this and future generations by joining the 300 Club and setting up a standing order for just €5.45 per week or choosing a payment plan to suit.