Last Man Standing Update

Yesterday 13 made it through to Round 9 and we had 4 fallers thanks Newcastle and Liverpool not winning. Today sees entrants waiting on Aston Villa (1), Wolves (3) and Leicester (8). Could we have another few fallers today? Most likely going on the recent results.

LMS Update

40 bodies left standing going into this week’s games and we lost 2 yesterday with one each on Arsenal and Leicester. 18 made it through thanks to Watford (13) and Chelsea (5).
This evening, we have 7 on Man City, 1 on Liverpool, 1 on West Ham and 1 on Sheffield Utd.
Tomorrow evening will see 3 on Everton, 5 on Spurs, 2 on Man Utd.
Fair play to all for getting this far, with only 4 rounds of games left in the current season, will we get a winner?

New Golden Goal tickets

Congratulations to Golden Goal winner this week Pa Walsh. This week he will be going for 3 in a row. Also this week, we are going to raise the stakes and hand €300 to the winner, minutes will cost €5 each and can be purchased by clicking on the link. The game this week is Aston Villa v Man Utd on Thursday evening. Your continued support is very much appreciated.

Golden Goal

LMS Update

38 of our 44 remaining entries made it through today with Chelsea, Leicester and Man Utd all winning, the other 6 are waiting for tomorrow’s games and a fixture on Monday with 3 on Man City, one each on Liverpool, Sheffield Utd and Spurs.
With fixtures coming thick and fast we will surely get a lot of fallers in the next two weeks.