Last Man Standing Update

After todays fixtures we have lost another 5 and we have 100 entries through to date.
7 are on Brighton tomorrow evening. So 32 exited this weekend so far, with 4 people having 2 entries still standing.
Unfortunately the Klopp wind didn’t blow at Old Trafford this evening to see United lose but we will continue next weekend with surely more fallers in our Last Man Standing Competition.

Last Man Standing Update

We lost 23 entries yesterday with Chelsea, Burnley, Liverpool and Sheffield Utd not winning.
Today, we have 5 on Spurs, 7 on Leicester, 7 on Man City and 70 on Man Utd. The remainder of entries chose Brighton tomorrow evening. Going on the current trend of results, we will have more fallers today.

Last Man Standing Update on an update

Another 70 of our 288 starters fell thanks to Everton slipping up against Fulham. A total of 148 gone so far with many losing both entries. Just 25 through so far with 3 people holding their 2 entries going to Week 2. The remainder wait on Chelsea and West Ham tomorrow evening with one entry on Newcastle, what are the chances of more odd results?

Last Man Standing underway

With each person entered getting 2 entries, 288 went to post today with 9 making it through thanks to Man City and Burnley winning and unfortunately 20 people lost one of their entries and one person losing both entries on match day one. Tomorrow all eyes will be on Southampton, Man Utd and Everton with a big number of entries on all 3.

New Last Man Standing

Entries are flying in for our Last Man Standing Competition which will start on Saturday 13th February. To reward people’s support, each entry will get one free entry as well. Click on the link to enter and thank you for your continued support.