Online Quiz Night

Fancy a night in with a difference and a chance to win €100?

Come join the Mooncoin Celtic online quiz night (take two) Saturday June 27th 2020 at 8:00pm.

All you need is computer / laptop to run Zoom (see Youtube video below) for a video call and separately a mobile phone to answer the questions.

(Please note you need 2 devices and a good internet connection)

To join just click the blue button below to register your name, and also pay the entry fee.

Once you register you will get an email from the Mooncoin Celtic gmail account.

The scoring on Kahoot (see Youtube video below) is based on getting the question correct AND how quickly you answered the question.

The winner will be determined by the points awarded by Kahoot.
We will always be using Zoom for the Video Call so you’ll

  • need your laptop for the video call,
  • for Kahoot (The Quiz Tool) you’ll also need your mobile (or tablet) to act as your game controller and a link to .(Note the .it extension).

Once you join the video call you’ll get you first Pin number for Kahoot and the quiz will start.

Also note on Kahoot you will be asked for a Nickname, you can pick whatever you want but you must use the same Nickname for every round after that. If you don’t there’s no guarantee that your scores will add up from round to round.

If you don’t answer the question on time (30 secs per question) then you may have problems viewing subsequent questions.  

If you have never heard of Zoom, have a look at this Video

If you want an idea of what Kahoot is and how it works have a look at this video for an overview.