Online Quiz Night

Break the lockdown fever with a night of fun.

Test your skills against the best (and worst) minds that Mooncoin has to offer.

Win a supervised evening of bowling for your kid’s team (obviously in mid-2021)

Join us for the Mooncoin Celtic Online Quiz Night (the third time is a charm) on Sunday December 27th 2020 at 9:15pm. (No kids allowed)

You will need

  • a computer/laptop to run Zoom for a video call.
  • a mobile phone to answer the questions using Kahoot.
  • a half decent internet connection.
  • half a brain (although this is optional).

To join just click the blue button below to register your name, and also pay the entry fee.

Once you register you will get an email from the Mooncoin Celtic gmail account.

Want to know more about Zoom and Kahoot then click here.