4th division result, Red Star 0 Mooncoin Celtic 2

A second game in 3 nights for the Veterans and they left it late to clinch the points v red star this evening with a 2-0 win (both goals coming in the last five minutes). Very even game of stalemate with the best chance falling to Darragh to open the scoring but unfortunately the ball clipped the cross bar and went over from a close range effort off the knee.A switch to three up front saw Scoby take a pass out on the sideline and take the initiative. A quick look up to see the keeper off the line and BOOM. Easily 50 yards and over the keeper’s head to get us off the mark. The man is unstoppable!! Spud made it two a few minutes later with the last kick of the game (with his right foot). Word of advise from the faint hearted: Score in the first five minutes in future boys! Well done