U12 Girls Friendly result: Ballyduff 4 Mooncoin Celtic 6

Getting up and out to play is never easy, going out to play when it’s been raining for days even less so, but going out to play when the whole of the junior league programme has been called off for the weekend…. well that takes heart and dedication and this u12 girls team have it spades.

The girls headed towards Kilmedan for their first match at this level, with a kind invite from Ballyduff, to play a friendly and came away with a fantastic 6-4 win and smiles as wide as the Comeragh mountains.

Things didn’t start off to well, going a goal down but it wasn’t too long before the ever energetic Emily popped in a low drive to make it 1-1.

It is now that a ding-dong of match really started as Mooncoin went 2-1 up (Emily 😎 then in a flash it was 2-2. Then 3-2 (Emily 😎 and straight back came Ballyduff 3-3.

Half time came and all the girls huddled under 2 large golf umbrellas, laughing at the meer thought that the match would be abandoned.Wind, rain, cold who cares let’s get going for the 2nd half.

And not long after the tip off Mooncoin are 4-3 up (Emily) and now we see a strong Mooncoin defense hold firm Eimear Quinn getting in front of every attack, Ella Bailey clearing, and clearing again with Sadbh tracking every move of the dangerous and tricky No. 8 from Ballyduff.

Roaming across the midfield and no word of a lie covering every blade of grass was Caoimhe Hartwell, she tracked down everything not letting a thing get past her in midfield and then bursting into attack from midfield was Ella Brennan with get Coin up the field again.

After a few scares Ballyduff made it 4-4 and nearly went 5-4 up but for a great save from Mia. Then after a few passes exchanged between Erin Quinn and Anna Tolan on the right which moved the ball towards the left where Ella Brennan was determined to get forward, she broke a few tackles and burst forward, hit a pass to Emily who got it back to Ella on the edge of the box and once the goal was in sight Ella slotted the ball home from a tight angle. 5-4 Mooncoin!!!

It was now that Caoimhe came into her own blocking everything in midfield and sure enough this blocking lead to another Mooncoin attack with Emily Blackmore executing a great strike to hit the back of the net again.

It was rainbow time in the sky as the sun broke through, with the pot of gold being Mooncoin Celtic U12 girls team.

Big thanks to all the parents for braving the weather and to the great hosts Ballyduff who accommodated all the late requests.