4th Division Result: Mooncoin Celtic 3 Abbeyside 0

Today was the first game that we all clicked from start to finish ,we went at Abbeyside from the start with huge pressure being put on Abbeyside, after 7 minutes we were 1 up from the boot of Stephen Blackmore. We kept upping the tempo and should have had another 3 before a second from the now part of the ’40 club’ Neville Submitted with a nice finish. 2 nil up at the half time. Second half started with similar pressure from ourselves and got the third from Neville Synnott again, proof that maybe he is getting better with age. Abbeyside had only a couple of half chances but with a solid back 4 and Mod behind in the sticks not much was getting past. 3 points well deserved and a clean sheet.