4th Division Result: Mooncoin Celtic 2 Ballyduff 1

First three points of the season secured this morning in sunny ashgrove against Ballyduff. A dominant first half saw no goals after numerous chances. The inspired introduction of Thomas bubbles O’Brien saw the deadlock broken as havoc rained down on the Ballyduff defence and after a number of corners by Stephen Blackmore, Jonny Power scrambled the ball home. A couple of minutes later Mickey Dowley released Andrew Norris to slot home number 2 and put the game to bed but NO.
Former Mooncoin Celtic Golden Boot winner Mick ‘Golden Boots’ Foran drilled home for Ballyduff from 23 yards leaving stand in keeper Kevin Kennedy scrambling across the goal but unfortunately Mick has the bragging rights on this one. We saw out the game without too much fuss afterwards. Good displays by all today with Andrew Mccarthy and Johnny Power standing out. No goal today for Neville ‘goal a game’ Synnott.