Unwanted visitors

Last night we had 4 or 5 unwanted visitors at our new development in Suir Crescent where a small fire was started at the side of the old dressing rooms and also a large number of stones were thrown out on to the proposed playing pitches and also at neighbouring properties in Suir Crescent, along with empty alcohol cans being dumped . Thankfully, a number of residents were vigilant enough to contact both the club and the gardai before any further damage was done.
The culprits, both male and female and aged 15-17, fled the scene towards the Grange road once the gardai arrived. This development is a work in progress and all going well it will be open for use this time next year. We would ask all to respect the new development at all times and also ask all parents to bring this incident to the attention of their teenage kids to make them aware of such goings on. We ask all people to share this post and show people what some teenagers get up to on a Sunday night.
Big thanks to the residents in Suir Crescent for their help both last night and today.