WSFL Under 15C League Mooncoin Celtic 6 vs Park Rangers 0

Six goals today however we should have probably scored six more. That’s not to take away from a great win and three points with a clean sheet. We pressed from early on playing two strikers in Stephen Foran and Sam Hartwell. Stephen played particularly well.. Sam was creative throughout bagging the second and the third goals today. A fantastic performance by Alex Bailey was topped off with a brilliant opening goal in midfield.. an In form Adam Conway keeps getting better and netted the second and last goal of the game. But same as last day both he and Alex and enjoying playing together. Tom Conway started on the left wing and hit the post once but after a quite start improved much better at Centre back. Mikey Cronin played a blinder today after stepping into midfield. Conor Dermody’s transition to Centre back has proven to be his making and he was solid all day, Ciara O’Keeffe and Denis Kinsella as full backs were excellent as usual. Jonah O’Toole kept a clean sheet and made some lovely saves Matthew Morahan got on in the second half and again was unlucky not to score. But the most celebrated goal in the history of this team is coming. A big performance like this will normally have an orchestrator and that came today from Man of the Match Diego Blanco Ibanez. He tracked every ball back and won every ball and create chances all day long with amazing footwork alone the way. Diego scored direct from a corner helped in by Mikey Cronin. But he tried on a few occasions to do so and mastered it. Excellent to watch. 3 more pts on the board. Well done everyone