U12D Villa 2 Mooncoin Celtic 5

As match after match was called off due to the bad weather Saturday the hardy boys (and a lady) from Mooncoin made their way in to St. Otterans and made the best of a new years game by grabbing a well earned win, their first of the season.

There was a very strong breeze in the first half which meant that all the play had to be on the ground and both Villa and Mooncoin did just that, getting some good passes going in both directions.

Mooncoin got the first goal on 5 minutes, a nicely taken goal by Sean O’D. Then there was a chance for Villa and a chance for Mooncoin, both just going wide. Then Mooncoin put the pressure on, winning the ball early and then a lob of keeper by Daniel PdL saw the ball tickle into the corner of the net 2 – 0 to the Coin.

May be it was the wind behind their backs, or may be their tails were up for the win but now the Mooncoin boys ( and one lady Ella B.) really got stuck in. The 3 lads at the back Cormac F. Lucus D. and Eoghan D. made sure to win the ball early and got their passes off quick and from there Connor W. and Ben D. both grab quick goals. Four goals to the good, but then a through ball and a fine run from one of the Villa lads saw a goal grabbed back and it was 4 – 1 at half time.

Now the hard part, playing against the wind, but any fears the coaches had melted away immediately, the boys ( and one lady) really played ball, pass and go, out towards the wings and down the line. Mooncoin were just as much a threat as they were in the 1st half. They had loads of chances in the 2nd half the Villa keeper made some great saves.

The Villa did catch Mooncoin once or twice, and on one of the occasions got another goal, 4 -2. No need for nerves though, the lads shot back a few times not to be denied a great win, Sean O’D caught a through ball and slotted it home cleanly. 5 – 2 to Mooncoin.

There were hugh smiles at the final whistle, a win at least, they’d been so close on a few occasions but not to be denied at the start of a great new year.